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Cash Management

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Cash Management offers our customers the ability to submit both ACH and wire transfers online.



  • Direct Deposit
  • Pay a business partner
  • Pull a payment from a business partner
  • Pull rent/donations/dues
  • Next day availability

  • Same day availability
  • Easily transfer large sums
  • No visits to the bank
  • Secure


Interactive Demo

How to setup ACH transfers


Cash Management offers a variety of enhanced tools to allow a business manage its finances quickly and easily. Some examples include:

QuickBooks connectivity

  • You can export your transactions from Cash Management into a QuickBooks compatible file and import it in a few short clicks.

Customizable Reports

  • Create and save reports. For example, create a report to show you all the checks that cleared in the last three days then save it. The next time you login, it'll be ready and waiting.

Secure Email

  • Have a question about a transaction? Need an archived check image? You can send us a secure email through Cash Management and we'll respond within the same day.*


Cash Management gives you the ability to create users and customize their roles based on their job needs. Do you have an employee who needs to see only 1 of your 3 accounts? Or perhaps they can see all your transactions, but you don't want them to send a wire? You can create roles for each user that does just that.


Do you own or manage multiple companies? We can create a single sign on that will allow you to navigate between all your companies by choosing it from a dropdown list. Jump between two companies in just a few seconds.

*As long as the secure email is submitted by 4 PM, we will respond the same day. If after 4 PM, it will be the morning of the next business day.

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