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Cash Management

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Our online transfer features allow you to process company payroll, send payments to business partners and collect payments for invoices or rent.


Direct Deposit

With ACH services, deposit your payroll directly into your employees accounts so your books stay precise.

Pay a Business Partner

Have an invoice for services or supplies? Need to make rent or utility payments? ACH payments allow you to do just that. Once you enter the payee information, you will be able to send the transfer when it's due.

Transfer to External Accounts

Need to get money to another account at a different financial institution? Send it via ACH and the funds will be there the next business day.

Fast, Secure Payments

Need to secure a large purchase? Perhaps an external account needs funds fast. A wire transfer will get your money where you need it the same day* it is requested.


Invoices or Services

If you need to collect money for services or supplies, you can pull the amount owed from your business partner's account for deposit into your account.


If you're a landlord and you want to set up electronic debits on your tenant accounts, then Cash Management is right for you.


If you collect donations and want to make the experience faster and easier for your donors as well as for your staff, you can set up ACH transactions to pull those donations whenever you need to.


If you need to find a transaction, or want to pull up a list of all your recently cleared checks. Cash Management offers search and reporting features which will help you with research. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, our secure portal allows you to send an email to our support staff who will respond within 24 hours**.

Cash Management empowers you to read and understand your activity and transactions, and gives you a direct link to the people who can find what you're looking for.


Cash Management is the only option to connect to QuickBooks. Simply look at your transactions and export the file you need. You can import the transactions to QuickBooks to make reconciliation quick and easy.

*Wire transfers must be submitted by 2 PM for same day availability.

**As long as the secure email is submitted by 4 PM, we will respond the same day. If after 4 PM, it will be the morning of the next business day.

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