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Recent Scams Article: Don't FALL for LinkedIn Job Posting Scams this Season

Posted on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 in Identity Theft Prevention

According to LinkedIn, more job postings are added to their platform in October than in any other month. If you’re a job seeker, be warned–the bad guys are also aware that October is a popular hiring month.
Cybercriminals develop attractive job postings to target people. Once the scammer’s job posting or recruitment message has captured your interest, they’ll have you send your personal information or your full resume. They can then sell your personal or biographical data to companies to use it for marketing purposes.

Always remember the following to avoid falling victim to job search scams:

  • Never send personal information or your resume to an email address that is unrelated to the company. Even if a message appears to be from a company or individual of interest, pick up the phone and be certain you’re communicating with the correct person before sharing sensitive information or downloading any attachments.
  • If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be from LinkedIn, don’t fall for it. Log in to LinkedIn through your browser and ensure the message is legitimately from LinkedIn’s platform.
  • Only accept LinkedIn invitations from people you know. This reduces your organization’s exposure to criminals who crawl the web to find details about your company so they can plan an attack.
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