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The Bruise

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018 in Small Business Today Articles

The last time we were together I told you about daughter Emily and husband Pete’s new house here in Ankeny.  Over the last couple of weekends I was one of several people who helped moved some of their belongings from a storage unit into that new house.  Even though I remember moving those same items from their house in Lawrence, Kansas months ago, I don’t remember there being so many items or how bigger, bulkier and heavier they seemed mow.

If it has been a while since you have moved yourself, you might remember that packing items in a moving truck is kind of like putting a puzzle together.  The goal is to move as much stuff in each load, which requires loading the larger items on the bottom and working from there.  Unfortunately, when we packed the storage unit months ago, we used the same theory, putting most of the larger, lesser used items toward the back of the unit.  We had to move the smaller items out of the unit, so that we could move and pack the larger items.

Early-afternoon, we were tired and hungry and still looking at more items to move.  I was helping move a large hutch from the unit into the truck when it happened.  I was walking backward, carrying the top of the hutch when I tripped over something.  Actually the hutch had a lot of glass and later I found out was from Ikea.  It was probably expensive and would have made a terrible mess had it hit the ground.  I unknowingly walked backward into a table base, a singular column supported by a solid metal base and 4 horizontal supports that formed a cross upon which the top of a table would be attached.  But the top of the table wasn’t attached.

One of the ends of the cross supports caught me on the inner thigh.  I stumbled backward, and amazingly I was able to not only keep my balance, not drop my end of the hutch but I also kept the words coming out of my mouth at a PG level.  We quickly loaded the hutch into the truck and I assessed the damage to my leg, which I thought was bleeding.  No blood, just a little scratch, and a lot of embarrassment. 

Later in the afternoon I was relating the almost tragic hutch story to my wife and decided to show her where I was still feeling some pain.  To my amazement my little scratch had turned into a huge bruise.  It was already several shades of blue, purple and red and about the size of a business card

As small business owner and managers it is our responsibility to help reduce workplace accidents like what happened to me.  Two things that might have prevented my “injury”; working with safety as a priority and creating a safe working environment.  It doesn’t matter if your workplace is an office or a manufacturing facility, we can make it safer by cleaning up our work areas and again, instituting a safety first attitude. 

It has now been 2 weeks since my injury and I just took another look at my inner thigh.  Although the size of the bruise is considerably smaller, it is still purple, blue and red.  It is not as sensitive to the touch as it was, but still serves as a reminder to be careful.  I am not as embarrassed as I was on moving day, partially because one of my moving buddies told me that after watching me not drop the hutch after tripping, they could see where my children got their athletic ability.  Nice to hear, but the next time Emily and Pete are looking for moving help, I’ll probably let those more athletic children do the heavy lifting.

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