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Celebration Savings

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First National Bank makes it easy to save for that special event - Christmas, a wedding, a vacation, graduation, whatever you want with our convenient Celebration Savings program.

Here is how it works:

  • You decide how much money you want deducted from your checking account each month.*
  • Your money is collected and saved for you.
  • Account balance will transfer to a designated account once a year on November 1st. You may change that designation to the 1st of any month if you choose.

  • Withdrawals made anytime other than your predetermined date will be charged $5 each to encourage you to meet your goal of saving for the special event.

  • Interest compounds monthly.

No minimum balance, no more worries, just a smart move to make saving for that special event a little easier! Stop by one of our locations to open a Celebration Savings account today.

*Personal checking account required.

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