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Cash Management Features & Services

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ACH Transfers

Pay and collect funds electronically. Some common uses for ACH are:

  • Pay employees electronically (direct deposit)
  • Reimburse employees
  • Pay vendors or contractors
  • Transfer to external accounts
  • Collect memberships, dues, or donations
  • Collect payments from your customers or business partners 

Click here for more info on ACH transfers.

Wire Transfers

Wires are instant outgoing transfers of collected funds. Some commons uses for wires are:

  • Move collected funds to an external account quickly and securely
  • Pay vendors or business partners
  • Pay foreign business partners

Click here for more info on Wire transfers.

Mobile App

Our business mobile app allows you to view transactions, submit check deposits and approve ACH transfers (if applicable). Click here for more info.

Business Bill Pay

Quickly and conveniently pay anyone online that you pay today by check. Includes more E-bill options and invoice and memo information. Click here for more info. 

QuickBooks Export/Sync

Export transactions into a file and import that into QuickBooks or synchronize your transactions automatically. Only works with the QuickBooks desktop app. This service is not compatible with QuickBooks Online.

Deposited Check Images

View checks that you deposit and export the images into a PDF or image file. 

Online Loan Notices

View when your payment is due and the breakdown of your principal and interest. 

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