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Our Prime Time educational resources are aimed at maturing adults who are serious about financial planning, saving for retirement, building and managing their nest egg, and estate planning.

In addition, we offer helpful information that can protect you from identity theft, fraud, and scams. 

If you need assistance or want more information on the topics of financial planning, wealth management, and estate planning, wills, and trusts, feel free to contact us. We'd be glad to help.

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Things Get Better with Age: Fine Wine, Art, and Financial Knowledge

The 4 Types of Power of Attorney (eForms)

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows a principal to appoint an agent to act for them should they become incapacitated, including the power to: 

  • Make financial decisions
  • Make gifts of money
  • Make healthcare decisions
  • Recommend a guardian

This video outlines the four types of power of attorney, each with its unique purpose. 


The 4 Types of Advance Directives (eForm)

Advance care planning is not just about old age. At any age, a medical crisis could leave you too ill to make your own health care decisions. Even if you are not sick now, planning for health care in the future is an important step toward making sure you get the medical care you would want, if you are unable to speak for yourself and doctors and family members are making the decisions for you. Learn more about the four primary types of advance directives in this video. 

You might also want to make a card to carry in your wallet indicating that you have an advance directive and where it is kept. This sample card is offered by the American Hospital Association. 

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