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FNB U is designed for adults 18+ who are interested in building their personal financial skills through life's journey from graduation from high school, through college, as you enter and thrive in the workplace, when you're ready to buy a home, while you build wealth, and as you prepare to retire.  

All of the resources offered on this site are free and presented to you through trusted and knowledgeable financial experts. Pick and choose a topic of interest, stop and start on your schedule, and come back to learn more.



Sign up for FREE to Udemy and then take advantage of their dozens of free online personal development video courses. There is no obligation to subscribe to any of udemy's paid courses. 

The free course we recommend is Personal Finance 101: Everything You Need to Know, which is taught by MoneyCoach and is backed by financial professionals. The course aligns closely with the U.S. Treasury Financial Education Core Competencies, a blueprint to enhance baseline financial literacy in the United States. 

This fun and engaging course is designed for anyone looking to gain an excellent, practical knowledge of personal finance, covering everything from taxes to credit cards. It's meant for everyone from complete beginners just heading off to college to those getting ready for retirement. Don't worry! No previous personal finance knowledge (or math) is required, and you'll never need outside software or materials. 

The course is structured to maximize your enjoyment and engagement. They teach you an entire personal finance curriculum through a series of short (5 minutes or less), engaging, animated videos. Each video teaches you everything you need to know (practically speaking) about a specific topic, like buying a house, in a way that even a total beginner can understand. And with over 52 videos in total, you'll learn everything you need to know about personal finance, from how to pay your taxes to how to buy a car to how to pay off your student loans. The great thing about this course is you can stop and start and complete it at your own pace. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Build excellent credit
  • Manage debt, including student loans
  • Invest wisely and effortlessly
  • File a tax return
  • Get a great bank account
  • Understand credit cards
  • Understand and get six types of insurance
  • Make a spending plan
  • Buy a car
  • Find a great apartment
  • Buy a house
  • Get a jump start on retirement
  • Save for college
  • Get out of credit card debt
  • Avoid identity theft and fraud
  • Understand an estate plan
  • Navigate dating and finances
  • Navigate marriage and finances
  • Navigate children and finances
  • Navigate divorce and finances

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Online Calculators

Online Calculators


First-Time Homebuyer Hub

First National Bank offers a one-stop resource for the information you need as a first-time homebuyer, including a free, downloadable guide that walks you through the steps of buying a new home. 

Visit the Hub


Create a Budget with Google Sheets

In this free guided online course offered by coursera, you will be able to build a basic budget using Google Sheets. Then you can format a budget to meet the needs of your personal and professional goals. Beginner friendly. No download needed.   

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How Do I Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck? 

Highlight of The Ramsey Show that helps you discover how to create a budget to that help you say goodbye to debt forever. 

Watch the video to hear the advice from financial expert Dave Ramsey.

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