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Certificates of Deposit

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Open a Certificate of Deposit Account in 3 Simple Steps

1Apply for a Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account. You'll need to provide some basic personal information to start the process of opening of your account. (If you prefer, you can also stop by any of our locations to open an account.)

                   Apply Online    Need Assistance or Have Questions


We Will Contact You. One of our Relationship Bankers will contact you to assist in opening your account. You'll be asked to pick a type of CD and choose your term. Compare CD terms and rates. If you're not an existing customer, opening an account will require a copy of your driver's license and social security number (or other taxpayer ID), which can be submitted electronically.  

3Deposit Your Funds & Start Earning. Each CD type requires a different minimum amount to open your account. You can transfer the funds with an internal electronic transfer, mail in a check, stop by the bank, or wire the funds. Now You're Done! 

Learn More About Certificates of Deposit. 

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