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Make your First National Bank accounts work harder for you with Power Banking. 

Save Money Effortlessly

If you know you need to save and have no idea how to build the habit, Power Banking may be able to help. 

Power Banking is a way to automate your savings and pay yourself first. For example, instead of waiting to put money into your savings until after you pay your bills every month, automatic transfers allow you to save money first. 

You can adjust your transfers any time you want, but if you stay the course, you could see big rewards over time. For instance, if you save $50 a month, you would be saving $600 in a year, which could be used for holiday spending and prevent the use of high-interest credit cards, or be used in the event of an emergency, like for car repairs. 

Easy Set-up Steps

  1. Open a checking account (or use your existing account) and have your paycheck or other income automatically deposited into this account. 
  2. Open a savings, money market, individual retirement account (IRA), or other investment account where you want your savings to be automatically transferred. 
  3. Log into your Online Banking account either through the web or the mobile app. 
  4. Click on "Transfer Money."
  5. Select "Schedule a Transfer."
  6. Choose the TO and FROM accounts. 
  7. Click "Repeat Transfer" and select the frequency you want the transfers to occur. Then SAVE to set your automatic transfers into action. 

Then watch your savings grow! You can view your scheduled transfers and update transfer amounts when you like. 

Can We Help? 

Would you like help setting up your automatic transfers? We would be glad to assist. Just stop by any bank location and request assistance from one of our relationship bankers. 

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