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Card Management

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Card Management

Card Management is a NEW, FREE feature of First National Bank's Online Banking and the FNB Mobile App that lets you manage all of your FNB debit cards in one place...with a single login.

Use it for your FNB debit card, First Point debit card, FNB Health Savings Account debit card, and even the temporary debit card issued by the bank when you open a new account or need to replace a lost one while waiting for your permanent card. 

Be empowered by taking control of your debit cards. Experience the convenience of 24/7 self-service. Protect yourself from fraud. Gain insights into your spending. 

Card Management's Features & Benefits

Feeling empowered

Be Empowered

Control your cards on your terms. 
  • Turn your card off temporarily if you misplace it; then turn it back on when you find it. 
  • Know where every FNB debit card is stored electronically, and you only need to remember one username and password to log in.
  • Create travel plan notifications.
  • Easily dispute transactions.

Discover the Convenience

Discover the Convenience

Enhanced features enable a smooth user experience.

  • Enjoy total control anytime, anywhere...24/7...when it really matters.
  • Card Management is integrated into Online Banking and the FNB Mobile app to provide you with a seamless experience. No extra apps to download or additional logins to remember.
  • Easily add your FNB debit cards to your digital wallet (e.g., Apple Pay or Google Pay) to complete contactless purchases using your mobile device or Smart Watch
  • Access card credentials without needing your physical card.
  • See balances, transactions and deposits immediately when they become available.

Feel Secure

Increase Your Security

Take actions to protect yourself from fraud and scams.

  • Report a lost or stolen card and immediately turn it off.
  • Set travel alerts before you leave on a trip.
  • Don't let anything get past you; sign up for transaction alerts.
  • Limit card use by merchant types, transaction categories, and location.
  • Stay informed of potential fraud with alerts on attempted and declined transactions.
  • Allow or block certain transactions: In-store, Online or By Phone, ATM, International

Gain Insights

Gain Insights and Manage Spending

Learn more about your spending habits. Now there is no more guessing; know exactly what and where you're spending.

  • Monitor multiple cards. See all your card balances in real-time and transactions in one place, no need to check balances individually. 
  • View transaction history, including pending and posted transactions.
  • Easily recognize your purchases by merchant name, logo, exact location on map and contact information with the businesses where you shop or spend. 
  • View your spending by what, when, and where.
  • Place limits on everyday spending by location, amount, merchant type, and transaction type.

It's Time to Get Started

Manage Your CardCard Management is a free and simple-to-use tool available to First National Bank's Online Banking and FNB Mobile App customers. There is no need to download a separate App. Card Management is already integrated within Online Banking and the FNB Mobile App. Just look for the "Card Management" tile after logging into your account. 

For existing FNB Mobile users: If your mobile device is set to receive automatic app updates, Card Management will automatically appear in FNB Mobile as soon as it goes live. If your device is set to manually make updates to your apps, follow these instructions specific to your Apple or Android device. 

It's easy to use. Card Management is designed to provide users with maximum customization capabilities based the way a user prefers to use their cards. It's an intuitive, self-service resource and most users find they need little or no help to navigate through the tool and select their preferences. However, there are some features you may not notice right away, or you may have questions about which options best meet your needs. That's where our illustrated Card Management Quick Start Guide can help. We cover the most popular Card Management features and offer helpful step-by-step instructions.

 Quick Start Guide

Not Enrolled in Online Banking?

Card Management is available exclusively to individuals with First National Bank's Online Banking and the FNB Mobile App.

You've probably heard the famous question, "What came first, the "Chicken or Egg?" No one seems to have found that answer. But with Card Management, it starts with enrollment in Online Banking. Once you open an Online Banking account, you can then download the FNB Mobile App from your mobile device's App store and activate your mobile banking experience. 

Not interested in the FNB Mobile App, that's okay. You can still use Card Management within Online Banking. However, the advantage of having the mobile app is you can receive text alerts and respond quickly, especially when time is of the when there is suspicious or fraudulent activity on one of your cards.

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