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Savings & Money Market Accounts

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First National Bank makes saving easy at any age! Check out the different savings account options available to fit your needs and then stop into one of our branches or apply online today!

Standard Savings Account

With a Standard Savings account from First National Bank, you can begin building financial security for any situation. Your money will be earning interest while you enjoy peace of mind.

  • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Competitive savings account rates
  • No monthly maintenance fees when you maintain a $300 minimum balance*
  • Debits in excess of three per month charged $.50 each
  • ATM access with a First National Bank checking account
  • ATM, Touch Tone Teller, Online and Mobile Banking access

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*If balance falls below $300 during a monthly payment cycle, $3.00 maintenance fee applies.

Money Market Account

Are you looking for an option different from a regular savings account? With a Money Market account from First National Bank you can earn interest based on the competitive market rates. 

  • Interest compounded monthly
  • No monthly maintenance fees when you maintain a $1,000 minimum balance*
  • Unlimited cash withdrawals and in-bank transfers
  • Check writing option - Write up to six checks per month
  • ATM, Touch Tone Teller, Online and Mobile Banking access

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*If balance falls below $1,000, a $5.00 maintenance fee applies plus activity fee of $.15 per debit for entire statement cycle.

Are you Power Banking? Automate your savings plan through Power Banking. Set up automatic transfers from checking to savings each month to help you build a financial safety net or save for a big purchase. 

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First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account

Our main goal is helping customers achieve their financial goals, and homeownership is often chief among those goals. In 2017, Iowa Legislature passed a law that created a new income tax credit for first-time homebuyers. The tax credit can be accessed through the use of a homebuyer savings account, which can be set up and maintained at First National Bank. To qualify for the tax deduction, the homebuyer must be a first-time homeowner who has not previously owned – either individually or jointly – a single or multifamily residence in the previous three years. Here's how it works:

  • Open either a First National Bank Standard Savings Account, or Money Market Account
  • You can make unlimited deposits each year to the homebuyer savings account, including automatic transfers
  • In 2020, the income tax deduction is limited to $2,137 per year when filing individually and $4,274 per year when filing jointly
  • Interest earned on account balances is exempt from state income tax
  • Accounts can be opened in another person’s name. For example, a parent could open a bank account and contribute to it as a gift to a child. As long as the funds are used toward the purchase of a first home, it will qualify for the tax deduction
  • The maximum amount that qualifies for the exemption will be adjusted annually for inflation
  • The money within an account is available for up to 10 years to be used for the qualifying purchase costs of a single-family residence

For additional information provided by the Iowa Department of Revenue, click here. Please consult your tax advisor for additional tax related questions.

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Kids First Savings Account

It's never too early to start saving money! A Kids First Savings account with First National Bank is a unique way to get kids under the age of 18 excited about saving. We offer punch cards that will reward kids with prizes when they completely fill their card. Talk to your kids about starting a savings plan at First National Bank today!

  • Youth under the age of 18
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fees
  • Interest compounded quarterly
  • Receive a Kids First Savings Book for tracking account activity
  • Earn prizes for making deposits in the account
  • To encourage saving, debits in excess of three per month charged $.50 each

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Celebration Savings Account

First National Bank makes it easy to save for that special event - Christmas, a wedding, a vacation, graduation, whatever you want with our convenient Celebration Savings program. No minimum balance, no more worries, just a smart move to make saving for that special event a little easier!

  • You decide how much money you want deducted from your checking account each month.*
  • Your money is collected and saved for you.
  • Account balance will transfer to a designated account once a year on November 1st. You may change that designation to the 1st of any month if you choose.
  • Withdrawals made anytime other than your predetermined date will be charged $5 each to encourage you to meet your goal of saving for the special event.
  • Interest compounds monthly.

*Personal checking account required.

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Coverdell Savings Account

  • Great investment for your child or grandchild's education
  • Money may be used for elementary, high school, or college expenses
  • Annual contributions of $2,000 can be made
  • Contributions can be made for a beneficiary under the age of 18

Stop by one of our branches in Ames, Ankeny, West Des Moines, Johnston or Osceola to open a Coverdell Savings Account today!

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