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Fraud Mitigation

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POSITIVE PAY is a fraud mitigation service that we highly recommend for all business sizes. To see if Positive Pay is right for you and your business, check out the features below:


Positive Pay is a service that protects your business against ACH and check fraud. We do this by matching checks you write against a list of your issued checks. You set ACH filters to only allow electronic funds transfers that you approve.

Any unauthorized checks or electronic fund transfers will be made available for you to review and can be returned in just a few clicks.


  • Email notifications alert you immediately of any unauthorized activity.
  • ACH filters are created quickly and easily in just a few clicks.
  • In the event of a returned item, we will walk you through the entire process.
  • A variety of reports, including: reconciliation, outstanding checks, stale-dated checks and images of cashed checks.


In 2018, Positive Pay monitored 60,629 checks totaling over $280 million.
In any given three months, Positive Pay monitors 7500-8500 ACH transactions ranging from $150 to $250 million.

First National Bank's Positive Pay offers one of the lowest and most competitive rates for account fraud protection. No per item or transaction fees - just one low, flat rate!

Contact us to learn more or to schedule a live demo.

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