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Checking & Debit Cards for Teens

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Teen checking account

Checking Account

First National Bank offers several choices of checking accounts. Simple Cash Back is the most popular with teens and their parents/guardians. It's preferred because it's a simple, worry-free account that can reward teens for using their debit card to make purchases. No minimum balance. No monthly fees. Free online statements.

Joint teen/parent checking accounts can be opened at age 13 and continue until the teen becomes 18, at which time the teen can have their own account without a parent on it. Use the link below to open your joint account online or stop by any First National Bank for assistance in opening the account. 

SPECIAL OFFER: First National Bank is currently offering a $25 deposit bonus for all new Simple Cash Back checking accounts for minors. Use promotional code TEEN13 when you apply online or reference the code if you apply in-person at the bank.

The $25 bonus will be deposited into the new minor checking account within 30 days after meeting the requirements for the bonus, which are: (1) Open a First National Bank minor checking account; and (2) A minimum of $10 is deposited in the account.  

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Debit card

Debit Card

With their parent's approval, teens can also get a debit card when they open a checking account. Debit cards are the safe, secure, and best way for parents to help teens manage and save money. Debit cards come with the Card Management tool so teens and parents can monitor all debit card transactions and store their debit card electronically in a digital wallet that can be used to make purchases or transfer funds. 

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Alerts and Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

All checking accounts come with a feature called "Alerts & Notifications." Once you set up which alerts you want to receive, it will automatically text you or send you an email when you make deposits and withdrawals or other bank transactions, that way you can know that the activity is yours and not that of a fraudster. You can also set up an alert to let you know when your checking account balance is running low so that you can put more money in the account. Both teen and parent can receive the alerts. 

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Card Management

Card Management

Card Management is another feature that comes with your teen checking account and is part of Online Banking and the FNB Mobile banking app. Card Management monitors your debit card 24/7 for any activity. You can receive notifications each time the card is used and know where it was used. You can also limit where the debit card can be used. For instance, if parents don't want their teens shopping online using retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or Target, you can block transactions from these types of stores. 

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Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Send and receive money by adding your debit card to a digital wallet like Venmo, Google Pay or Apple Pay. With a digital wallet your cash is exactly where you want it, when you want it. 

A digital wallet lets you pay in apps and online using your mobile device. You can also use your digital wallet at the checkout at most major stores and restaurants, without the need to present your physical debit card.

Digital wallets are more than just a way to pay. They let you split bills, keep track of expenses, send gifts, and more. 

It's highly recommended that parents and teens discuss responsible use of digital wallets before a debit card is added. Setting spending limits and determining when parental permission would be necessary before making a transaction with a digital wallet is advised.  

See page 6 of the "Card Management Getting Started Guide" to add a debit card to your phone's digital wallet or click here to learn about setting up Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment systems like Venmo. 

Add a Debit Card to Your Digital Wallet

Goal Builder

Goal Builder

Teen checking accounts also come with Goal Builder. With this tool teens can set personal savings goals for things like a rainy day, college, a car, or even a special vacation trip. By putting some of your checking account funds each month into your Kids First Savings Account, you begin to save for what's important to you. Use Goal Builder to track how close you are to reaching your goals.  

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy involves learning about budgeting, savings, investing, borrowing money, and managing debt. Financial literacy empowers you to use money wisely and plan for the future. First National Bank offers KA$H WIRED to youth ages 13-17, which is a FREE, online educational resource through the FNB Vault. This site offers teens digital comic books and printable worksheets to test their knowledge, several online games about everyday financial topics, savings and interest calculators, and even The Uber Game, that lets teens play the role of an Uber driver who is working in the gig economy to pay for their house.  


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