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Interactive Teller Machines

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Interactive Teller Machines (ITM)

Experience the Convenience of Video Banking

An interactive teller machine, or ITM, is essentially a "branch in a box" system that uses a combination of touch screens and video technology to offer a virtual version of the in-person banking experience. 

Physically, an ITM looks similar to an ATM, but with a video screen and other added elements. An ITM still offers the functionality of an ATM where users can simply withdraw cash, view account balances and conduct other basic ATM transactions. 

However, when you need to talk to a banking professional, that's where the ITM shines. Simply tap the machine to talk to a video banker. Video bankers can help you conduct more transactions than basic ATMs and can answer questions you might have about your finances or a particular transaction. 

ITM Features and Benefits

  • Video bankerExtended hours of operation. See our hours below. 
  • Advanced transaction capabilities. You can do just about any transaction that you would do in a bank or the drive-through window. Cash a check for the exact amount, make a loan payment, or withdraw funds.  
  • No ATM or Debit Card needed. You don't need your Debit Card or ATM card. Just drive up to the machine and tap to get started. Your video banker will assist you with your banking needs.
  • Local and personalized. Your video banker is a Customer Service representative with First National Bank. Relationships matter and with our ITMs you get the same friendly and helpful personal interaction that you would get if you came into the bank. 
  • Also functions as an ATM. When our video bankers are unavailable, the ITM works just like a regular ATM. You can make withdrawals and make deposits. 
  • Quick and efficient. Video banker-assisted transactions can be even faster and more efficient than conducting your transactions inside the bank or a drive-through. Because we know you are busy, our video bankers are skilled at quickly executing your business transactions. 
  • Private. You can speak directly to the video banker; or if you prefer, you can pick up the phone to have a more private conversation. 
  • Safe. ITMs are a safe way to do your banking. 
  • Fun. ITMs are fun and easy to use! Just give one a try. 


Using an ITM is easy. 

Give it a try and experience personalized, easy and convenient banking today!

  1. Tap the screen to speak with a video banker and your video banker will appear on the screen.
  2. You'll be asked to insert your ID for verification. 
  3. You will work with the video banker to complete your transaction. 

What Transactions Can be Conducted at an ITM? 

Almost any transaction that can be completed with your Relationship Banker inside the bank can be completed at an ITM. Examples include: 

  • Checking and savings deposit (check or cash); can get cash back
  • Checking and savings withdrawals (customer-selected bill mix)
  • Balance inquiry
  • Transfer funds
  • Check cashing
  • Make loan payments
  • Customer account servicing 

Extended Hours of Operations

The ITMs have longer hours than the bank and drive-through window, so you have more time to do your banking. 

  • Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 

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