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Customer Alert 4/26/2023

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2023 in Recent News

UPDATE 4/26/2023:


First National Bank is pleased to report that the SHAZAM-related ACH deposit and withdrawal errors that occurred yesterday, which affected some customer accounts, have been resolved overnight for the majority of customers. Therefore, if you had an unexpected/erroneous ACH transaction yesterday, it should be reversed (debit or credit) on your account today and your account balance restored.

We would still recommend that all customers review their accounts to confirm the reversals have occurred and that there are no remaining ACH-related issues with your account.

We are aware of a few instances where reversals did not post correctly overnight. These are primarily related to accounts not being found. If you suspect there may still be an issue with your account, please contact the bank at 515-232-5561 or 641-342-6581 and we would be glad to assist in investigating the matter.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We also value your patronage and will ensure that any account-related issues pertaining to these transactions will be corrected. 

Original News Post from 4/25/2023:

SHAZAM, a nationwide ACH processor, has notified banks throughout the region that they have erroneously submitted a batch of old ACH transactions through their system today. This involves automatic deposits and withdrawals, which may impact your bank account.

Please check your account:

  • If you see an unexpected ACH deposit today, do not spend it. If an error, the transaction will be reversed out and your account balance reduced.
  • If you see an unexpected ACH withdrawal(s) from your account today, the transaction(s) will be reversed, and the money returned to your account. 

You don’t need to take any action. SHAZAM is currently working on the situation and has told us they are expecting to have the transactions reversed by end of day.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

If you have any questions, you may contact the bank at 515-232-5561 or 641-342-6581.

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