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Posted on Monday, April 25, 2022 in Mortgage Lending

Homebuyers Deserve a “Great” Mortgage Lender

Finding the best mortgage loan is about more than just securing the lowest rate. It’s also important to make sure you are comfortable with your mortgage lender.

“Although there are parts of the mortgage process that are the same across all lenders, there are notable differences between mortgage lenders with online loan companies, large banks, and community banks,” said First National Bank Mortgage Loan Officer Dona McMasters.

When you're shopping for a mortgage loan, you want to have a professional and conscientious mortgage lender working by your side. There are five key things First National Bank’s lenders do for their clients that build trusted, long-term relationships. 

  1. Problem SolverMakes the process easy to understand. Our lenders are pros and are well-versed in mortgage loan products. They will explain the pros and cons of each loan type in simple-to-understand terms. They also explain every document, so you know exactly what you are signing. 
  2. Ask questions. To identify the best mortgage loan option and rate for you, our lenders will ask a series of questions, like what type of property you expect to purchase, how long you expect to own your home, and your plans for your home. A great lender will always take the time to explain each of your loan options to meet your needs.
  3. Problem solvers. Our experienced lenders have learned to expect the unexpected. They’re experienced in dealing with glitches and finding alternative solutions. For instance, if there is a mistake on your credit report that is preventing you from getting a loan, a great mortgage lender will explain the process necessary for contacting the credit reporting agency to clear up the issue.
  4. Respect you and your comfort zone. As lenders, we respect our clients and their comfort zones. For example, just because you can get approved for a specific loan amount doesn’t mean that you’re comfortable with the payment amount. Perhaps a smaller loan amount, higher down payment, or different mortgage loan type would make you feel more comfortable and confident with your payment.    
  5. Stay in touch. Whether it is by email, a text, or a call to your cell, office or home, your mortgage lender will frequently touch base throughout the mortgage process.

At First National Bank, it all starts with a friendly greeting, followed by all the time you need to feel at ease with your mortgage loan decision-making. Schedule a free mortgage loan consultation with one of our lenders.

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