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City of Ames Debit and Credit Card Breach

Posted on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 in Recent News

City of Ames Debit and Credit Card Breach

The City of Ames publicly disclosed on November 30, 2018, that it experienced a card security breach which compromised some debit and credit card data. This incident could impacts 4,600 debit and credit card users who paid parking tickets using its online system between August 10 and November  19, 2018, including some debit card customers of First National Bank. 

What should bank customers do?

Fraud-Detection Systems. Please be assured that our fraud-detection systems routinely monitor card activity, and attempt to identify unusual and potentially unauthorized transactions. While our systems may not detect all fraud, we will contact any cardholder we determine may be at risk of unauthorized transactions.  In addition to our normal monitoring, we have increased the security monitoring on the SPECIFIC CARDS that may have been compromised.

Monitor your Accounts. It is always a best practice to use online banking, mobile banking or monthly statements to monitor your account for unauthorized transactions.  Customers should report ANY unauthorized account activity to the bank immediately.

Debit Card Replacement.  We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ accounts and personal information.  If you think you may have used your First National Bank debit card to pay parking tickets through the City of Ames using the online system between August 10 and November  19, 2018, First National Bank will be reissued at NO COST to our customers.   Please notify us, and we will order you a new card.

Shazam Bolt$.  Another line of defense against fraud is Shazam Bolt$.  This program immediately sends alerts by email for any potentially fraudulent activity. When cardholders are aware of suspicious activity, they can contact the Bank and put a stop to it. Customers can register their First National Bank Debit Cards with SHAZAM BOLT$ by visiting their website, First time users should click the "New Mobile Card User" button to register.  iPhone and Android users can sign up directly through the SHAZAM BOLT$ app found in the App Store and Google Play.

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