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Ames Main Remodel

Project Update

The remodeling project is progressing well.

  • A very noticeable change is the to north side of the building, where a new entrance is being constructed. Featured above the entrance will be a set of new windows, to allow natural lighting into the lobby area. Several concrete panels were removed to make way for the windows, which are expected to be installed in the spring. 
  • The original electrical, telecommunications, and HVAC systems on the eastern section of the building were removed and new systems are being installed. 
  • Framing of the offices on the east side of the building is nearly complete and some of the drywall is being installed.  
  • On level 2, Wealth Management has temporarily relocated to the west side of the building on level 2. Financial Management & Trust Services is in the same location. For access to either of these services, take the stairs (accessible from the north entrance) or elevator (accessible from the east entrance). 
  • Customer access to the main area of the bank is limited to the north entrance only. 
  • The east entrance to the parking lot from Burnett Avenue has been closed. A fenced construction work zone has been established for the contractor. See current the Parking Lot Traffic Flow. 

Message from First National Bank President Scott Bauer

It is my pleasure to share information and images from First National Bank's major remodeling project at the Ames-Main office at 405 5th Street.

First National Bank, established in 1903, moved to its present headquarters on March 29, 1971, where it has been thriving since. In 2002, the bank was remodeled, and a new 2-story entry was constructed; but a lot has changed since then regarding the way people like to bank. That's why we are continually innovating our in-person, online, and mobile services.

The Ames-Main location continues to play a vital role in Ames and for other central Iowa communities. In addition, it serves as the headquarters for Ames National Corporation, the bank's holding company.  

Reinvesting in Ames-Main will involve remodeling of the first floor and making enhancements to the exterior. Work will be performed in phases and the bank will remain open throughout. While the building's footprint will remain the same, we will feature a complete remodel with a new floor plan, including a vaulted main entrance, teller pod stations, plenty of private meeting spaces, and a drive-up teller. 

The vision for the remodeling project is to provide customers with an inviting space, with plenty of natural light, places to have comfortable, private conversations, and all of the latest banking amenities you deserve.

We sincerely appreciate your patience during the project and will do everything on our part to minimize the inconvenience. 

Project Overview

Project Ames Main First Floor Interior Remodel and Exterior Renovations
Location 405 5th Street, Ames, Iowa
Start Date August 1, 2022
Construction Type Occupied Construction, Phased Renovations
Phases Phase 1 (estimated 8-month timeframe); Phase 2 (estimated 6-month timeframe)
General Contractor HPC, LLC, Ames, Iowa

Accord Architecture, Ames, Iowa; in association with KCL Engineering of West Des Moines, Iowa, and Structural Service & Design Inc.

Furnishings Pigott, Des Moines, Iowa
Scope of work
  • Upgraded heating and ventilation system
  • Private office spaces for the personal and commercial lending teams
  • New public restrooms
  • Vaulted and higher ceilings with better acoustics for privacy
  • New chairs, tables, desks, and other furnishings
  • Teller pods in a circular formation, with plenty of spacing between them for facilitating private conversations
  • Plenty of private meeting spaces and conference rooms, with frosted glass that still allows plenty of light
  • New vaulted north entrance with high windows for natural light
  • Installation of new ATMs/ITMs and removal of the outdated "big box" ATM unit
  • New drive-up teller on the west side of the building
  • New high-end finishes, flooring, ceilings, casework, doors, hardware and lighting
  • New security features
  • Enhanced curb appeal

Throughout construction, services will be available during regular banking hours. A section of the lobby will remain open during construction, allowing customers to perform account transactions and access their safe deposit boxes.

360 view

360° View Remodeling Rendition

Enjoy a 360°, wide-angle panoramic view of the Ames-Main bank remodeling project based on the architectural renditions by Accord Architecture. Catch a glimpse of the new teller pods, private offices and conference rooms, and the gorgeous new north entrance with the vaulted windows. 

Get Started on Your Journey

Remodel Video

Remodeling Rendition Video

Learn about all the ways in which First National Bank's remodeling project has made customer experience and relationship building its number one priority, like designing spaces to maximize privacy, adding natural lighting, improving access, and adding a drive-up teller service.   

Watch the Video

Phase 1 and Phase 2 Renovation

This project will be split into two phases to keep the bank operational throughout construction. A temporary wall will be installed along the red line depicted in this drawing. During Phase 1, please use the north entrance to access the bank. To access the second floor, use either the stairway at the north entrance or elevator at the southeast entrance. Access will be closed to the first floor from the southeast entrance. 

Phases 1 and 2

Image Gallery

Take a look at where we started in 1971, the remodeling of 2002, and now where our current remodeling project will take us in the future. Come back often for photos of the construction activities.  


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