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Medallion Signature Guarantee

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What is a medallion signature guarantee? 

First National Bank participates in the Medallion Signature Guarantee Program. The program is designed to protect you by making it harder for people to steal your securities by forging your signature on your securities certificates and related documents. 

Sample StampA medallion signature guarantee is a special stamp that's used when you sell or transfer U.S. securities. It confirms that the signature authorizing the sale or transfer is genuine and the signer has the legal capacity and authority to sign the document. 

Please note: A medallion signature guarantee is not the same as a document notarization, which assures that a signature is genuine; or a signature and endorsement guarantee, which is used for negotiable items (e.g., checks or U.S. Treasury Bond forms).  

Common reasons parties require a medallion signature guarantee

  • You are moving securities to a new account. For example, if you need to transfer your 401(k) after changing jobs. 
  • You are giving securities as a gift. This would involve transferring shares of stock to a child or donating them to a nonprofit organization. 
  • Ownership of securities needs to transfer to a court-appointed representative. This happens when the owner of the securities has died.  

Utilizing First National Bank's medallion signature guarantee service

To protect your assets, certain security steps are necessary to approve a medallion signature guarantee request.  

  • In-person visit. A medallion signature guarantee must be completed in person because it confirms your identity, signature, and legal authority to transfer securities. 
  • Bank customer. You must be a First National Bank customer with an established deposit or loan relationship.
  • Photo identification of authorized signer(s) is required (i.e., driver’s license or passport).
  • Written proof of ownership and transaction value of the securities. Proof can include either:  
    • ‚ÄčA share certificate (or stock certificate), which includes the certificate number, company name and registration number, shareholder name and address, number of shares owned, class of shares, issue date of shares, and amount paid (or treated as paid) on the shares. 
    • A current statement from a mutual fund or broker that shows proof of ownership and the transaction value of the securities. 

There is a $40.00 fee per guarantee, which can be paid by check or debit from your First National Bank account. This fee is necessary due to the complex nature of the paperwork and liability involved in the transaction. The dollar limit for medallion signature guarantee service is $250,000 per transaction. 


Documents must be signed in the presence of the guarantor with all owners present. Additional documentation may be requested depending upon the nature of the transaction including certified power of attorney, death certificate, or probate letters of appointment.

Documentation will be copied or original supporting documentation retained depending upon the nature of the transfer. First National Bank as a licensed guarantor is required to maintain a file for all guarantees performed.

Our medallion signature guarantee service is available by appointment. Please call 515-232-5561 to schedule an appointment with the Financial Management & Trust Department.

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