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Compatible eDeposit Scanners

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scannerFirst National Bank will provide the check scanner at no extra cost. However, if you'd like to purchase your own, we recommend using the Panini Vision X scanner (pictured to the left) -- one of the most widely used check scanner on the market. Additionally, eDeposit is also compatible with all the scanners listed below. Contact our Digital Services team for more information.

Scanner Name & Model Compatible with Windows Compatible with Mac
Digital Check Merchant Elite Yes
Digital Check Micro Elite Yes
Digital Check Professional Elite Yes
Digital Check SmartSource Edge Yes
Digital Check SmartSource Micro Elite SE Yes Yes
Digital Check SmartSource Professional Yes
Canon CR-120 Yes
Canon CR-150 Yes
Canon CR-135I Yes
Canon CR-190 Yes
CTS LS100 Yes
CTS LS150 Yes
Digital Check CX30 Yes Yes
Digital Check TS240 Yes Yes
Epson Capture One (TM S1000) Yes
Epson TM-S2000 Yes
Panini i:Deal Yes Yes
Panini Vision neXt Yes
MagTek Excella Yes
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