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Recent Scams Article: Malicious Multi-Vector Attacks

Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2022 in Identity Theft Prevention

You probably know that cybercriminals can use malicious emails and phone calls to steal your sensitive information. But did you know that cybercriminals can use multiple attack vectors simultaneously to make their attacks even more effective? While it may be easy to spot a single suspicious email or phone call, multi-vector attacks can be difficult to catch.

According to a new IBM report, a standard email-only attack yielded a 17.8% click rate from its target audience. When cybercriminals paired the same email attack with a matching phone call campaign, the click rate increased to 53.2%. That’s three times the email-only click rate! By using multiple attack vectors at once, cybercriminals can make their messages seem more credible and urgent.

Don’t let a multi-vector attack trick you. Follow the tips below to keep your sensitive information safe:

  • Verify that urgent messages are legitimate before taking action. Contact the person or organization directly using another line of communication.
  • When you receive an email or phone call, watch out for red flags. Scams often use urgent deadlines and scare tactics to trick you into sharing sensitive information.
  • Remember that even if you receive a message from more than one attack vector, that does not mean the message is legitimate. Always think before you click or reply.

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