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Recent Scams Article: Watch out for Malicious Apps in Your App Store

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 in Identity Theft Prevention

Google recently removed several applications (apps) from their Google Play store because they contained a strain of “clicker” malware that can view your sensitive data and even make in-app purchases on your behalf. Even though they have now removed these apps there could still be more they don’t know about.

This is not the first time that applications with “clicker” malware have been removed from official Android and Apple app stores, and it will not be the last. Ensuring the security of mobile applications is an ongoing challenge.

Consider the following before downloading any application:

  • Do your research: Read app reviews, but make sure they’re not fake or staged! Be wary of applications that don’t have any reviews.
  • Avoid applications that have a low number of downloads.
  • Look for strange context or spelling errors in the application’s description.
  • Consider investing in cybersecurity protection for your mobile device.

When in doubt, avoid downloading questionable applications, and look for a safer alternative

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