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Tip 10: Remember the "Big 3"

Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023 in Tips and Tricks

Remember the Big 3

Remember Al's "Big Three":

"If you are ever in a situation where they're asking for money, and they're asking for money right now, and there's fear, excitement, or pulling of your heart strings, it's a scam. It's a downright scam," Al Perales says.

Scammers know how to play upon your emotions to get you to act.

When you receive a message, phone call, in-person communication, etc. where someone is using emotion or urgency as part of a request for money, stop. Think. Do your homework. There's a good chance you'll be saving yourself a ton of trouble!

Al Perales is an investigator with the Consumer Protection Division. In his 15 years in the office, he's seen all types of scams and tracked down many thieves and charlatans. Watch the seminar here.

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