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Tip 7: Only Work With Who You Know

Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2023 in Tips and Tricks

Work With People and Businesses You Know

Deal locally, face to face.

Work with people and businesses you know. It's not a guarantee, but you can reduce the chance of being scammed.

Beware of ads on Craigslist and other online market sites. If it's a car or another substantial purchase, be sure to check out the item in person.

Remember that under Iowa's Door to Door sales law, you have three business days to cancel a purchase for any reason. The act applies if a sale is for more than $25, if the sale is made at a location other than the seller's place of business, and if the goods or services will be used for personal, family, or household purposes.

Al Perales is an investigator with the Consumer Protection Division. In his 15 years in the office, he's seen all types of scams and tracked down many thieves and charlatans. Watch the seminar here.

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